Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Creations December 3, 2009

Again I am so late in posting. I don't know why I can't get in the mood as it is a pretty easy thing to do. I guess its because I have to look up every item because I didn't start my inventory book with the pertinent data for each item. I have a gazillion patterns and I do have them filed in baskets by item. I have todate made over 6,000 dolls. I will try and be good and do a better job with updating. I am going to Cranberry tomorrow and I will take some more pictures.

But first a few pics of Gypsy and then on with the show.

As always you can contact me via my email address or purchase any of the items at Cranberry Hill Mercantile in Sunnyvale, Ca.

Cat all wrapped up!!!!!

Ok, here's my little old Gypsy cat tucked into a mound of heavy packing paper. There was so much of it in the box I just threw it on the floor and she just had to get herself into the mess.
She will be 18 in the spring and thinks she's not only a person, but also a baby.

My Booth at the Los Altos Harvest Faire in October 2009

For once I remembered not only to take my camera but to actually snap some pics with it. The ladies of the United Methodist Church in Los Altos do a grand job putting on this show every year. It is fun, but for me it means getting up at the crack of dawn for set up. I thank my friend Lisa Litatani who has helped me the last couple of years to tote all my stuff into the boutique. If not for her I don't know if I could get set up in time.

Silvery nest with a frozen Charlotte

I saw a picture of this item in one of the older copies of Somerset Life. I finally got around to creating her. The round box is paper mache covered with glittered paper. The nest has been painted silver and the frozen charlotte is actually a picture I downloaded onto cardstock and adorned with vintage crepe paper for the skirt. Her wings are cardstock as well, sprinkled with German glass glitter, which by the way tarnishes.

The story of the frozen Charlotte goes back to the olden days when as the daughter of a wealthy family Charlotte was going to a New Year's Eve party in an open sleigh with her friend Charlie and would not put on a coat as to not mess up her dress much to the dismay of her Mother. As the temperature was near freezing they arrived at the party both frozen to death. She has always been one of my favorite dolls as when I was a little girl I had this type of doll to play with and she was made out of bisque porcelain. At that time they called them "penny dolls", yep, because I guess they only cost a few pennies.

Click to enlarge.

Price: $39.95

The Vintage Snow Queen

I made this beauty from a picture I saw somewhere. So she is one of a kind. Her body is muslin which has been painted and antiqued and she is carrying a garland of glittered snowflakes. Her bodice is trimmed in vintage lace and her skirt is made of a toile fabric. She may be purchased at Cranberry. Click to enlarge.

Price: $74.95

Miss Crystal Flake

Miss Crystal is a Happy Heart Pattern and happy she is. She is painted muslin, her face is hand painted and she is holding a handmade cone filled with glitter snowflakes. She is 22 inches tall.
She may be purchased at Cranberry Hill Mercantile. Click to enlarge. SOLD

Price: $59.95

Season's Greetings Snowman Wreath

This wreath was created from an Old Road Primitives pattern and is about 20" in diameter. The wreath is grapevine adorned with glitter picks of greenery and berries. The snowman is made of muslin and his face is hand painted. The trim on his hat and around his neck is made of curly fleece which I just happened to have purchased at my local thrift shop. I don't know if it is old, but it looked old and I had no idea what I would use it for but like all the bits and pieces (100's) in my stash, I always find the need. He is for sale at Cranberry. Click to enlarge.

Price: $49.95

Christmas Tree in a Can

This Christmas tree is potted in an old, old, old Corinthian coffee can. It is adorned with clay gingerbread cookies and tiny wood rolling pins. It can be purchased at Cranberry Hill Mercantile and there are actually two of them, the other tree is in a Hill's Bros can. Click to enlarge. BOTH SOLD..

Price: $29.95

Double Cloche

I do believe this double cloche is really a bride and groom toasting glass. But whatever it was it now has a new name. It now houses an little vintage angel in the top surrounded by glitter and a vintage nativity, house and tree in the bottom and also surrounded by glitter. It is One of a Kind and can be purchased at Cranberry Hill Mercantile. Click to enlarge.

Price: $25.00

Country in the City Santa

This santa has been adapted from a Country in the City pattern which is very old and I do not believe they are still in business. His coat, garland, belt buckle are all vintage mother of pearl.
His boots are made of vintage off white wool, his coat from a vintage baby blanket, and his shirt from a vintage piece of brocade. His clay face is hand painted and aged. His hair and beard is sheep's wool which has been cleaned. I only have 2 faces left, so when they are gone he will no longer be available. I only make one of these every 5 years or so. Click to enlarge.

He is $125.00 and can be purchased at Cranberry Hill Mercantile.

Father Chritmas

Father Christmas has been adapted from a Happy Heart Pattern. He is 27 inches tall. His coat is made of a velvet brocade vintage piece of fabric and his face is hand painted. He would love to sit by your fireplace this holiday season. He is for sale at Cranberry Hill Mercantile.
Click to enlarge.

The price for Father Christmas is $64.95.

Dream Basket

This is a paper mache peat pot which has been decorated with vintage music, vintage bling and filled with crinkle paper. Click to enlarge.

The price is $12.00.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HALLOWEEN in July? - Yikes !!!!!!!!

You might think its kinda early for Halloween, but really I can't make all this stuff the night before if you know what I mean.  I've been making Halloween since June and its taking me this long to get in the mood to update my blog.  I had to reteach myself - good grief.  We start displaying Halloween at Cranberry Hill Mercantile August 1st.  

When  you see holiday items for sale early don't get upset.  Those of us who make stuff need those items early and we bug retailers to get it out there for us to buy.  Retailers would prefer not to give up the floor space to all that holiday stuff early but its the buyers who drive them to it.  And don't forget our troops, we have to have stuff early to send to them in faraway places.  

You can purchase any of the listed items at Cranberry Hill Mercantile after August 1st or you can contact me directly.

Click pictures to enlarge.

Batty Witch

OK, this is one of those dolls that you feel should cost $1,000.00 because of the never ending things that are a part of this creation. She is a pattern from The Old Glory Company and is listed as Extreme Grunge Folk Art by them. She did come out pretty darn great in spite of all the involvement. She is $84.95 SOLD

Hobgoblin Party Doll

This is a really big doll, 42" at least. She was designed by Donna Veal of Moonchilds Primitives.
She is priced at $74.95 SOLD

Witch Potion Pockets

These potion pockets were designed by Denise Davis of Sassafras Hill Primitives.  They are fun.
They are priced at $9.95 each.

Potion Bottles

The pattern for these potion bottles goes to Aunt Manny's Creations.  I already knew how to grub up an old bottle or can, but the use of common bottles in this pattern was such a great idea and a very creative recycle.  They are priced from $9.95 - 12.95

Sanka Tin with tree

 This old Sanka tin is listed for $38.00 on it's own and is rare.  It's the only one I've come across in the last 5 years that I've been putting trees in old coffee cans.  I have a Christmas Doll in the archives with a coffee can and tree and its where I started doing them.  There is also a lid for the can.   So this item due to the can's value is priced at $34.95.  

Lucy Boo and Tinker

Lucy Boo and her black cat are ready for Halloween for sure. She is a pattern by Barefoot Primitives and is priced at $84.95. SOLD


Vampire is perched on an antique bobbin and is a pattern by R&K Creations. He is priced at $49.95 SOLD


Well here is a Soft in the Head pattern by Pam Gracia. She emailed me this pattern because I had problems with Bewitchin' Belle listed below. When I got the pattern I thought "ah jeeze I don't know", but then why not give it a try and of course everyone who has seen it loves it. Me too.
She is priced at $36.95 SOLD

Bewitchin' Belle

Well this little girl gave me some problems, but after emailing back and forth with her creator Pam Gracia of Soft in the Head we got it all resolved.  She will be perfect for one of our cat lover customers I'm sure.  She is priced at $39.95

Goth Bat Doll Door Greeter

Ok so she's a bit bug-eyed. At first I wasn't going to make her eyes so big and then I thought, what the heck why not. I had to make the cross out of cardboard as it wouldn't be my luck to try and find one to buy. That would be too miraculous. She is a pattern from Aunt Mannys Creations. She is priced at $49.95 SOLD

Witch Mannequin

This absolutely neat mannequin was designed by Shirley Hudson of Hudson's Holidays. I really like making it. She sells for $49.95. SOLD

Witch's Shoe Pincushion

These Witchie shoes belong to the Costume Maker and has a tag hanging on them that says so. They are too cute.  They are a pattern by Hill Kountry Kreations and I've had the pattern for a long time.  Like with the Bewitchin' Pair I only make two a year and they literally fly out.  They are priced at $24.95 each.